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Finance is hard, our API makes it easy

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Spout lets developers easily integrate with over


Banks, Vendors & Financial Institutions

A Modern Approach

When it comes to financial data Spout thinks different.
We allow you to build for any device or web-service
without thinking twice.
Use simple, RESTful API endpoints to update user accounts or setup webhooks and receive them automatically.

  • RESTful architecture
  • Bank level encryption
  • Webhooks to stay in sync

A Complete Solution

Track every element of a transaction. Spout is more than just a way for you to pull in transaction information from banks and credit cards. From individual charges to vendors, categories and even account information, we've got you covered and we're here to make your life easier.

  • Up to date statement data
  • Improved category accuracy
  • Get routing and account info

Get Deeper Data

We want to help you get what really matters to you. Ever wanted to present targeted credit card reward offers to your users or show indvidual charges on their bills? Let us help! We're dedicated to helping you bring even more value to your customers by providing data that truly makes a difference.

  • Get available balances
  • See spending rewards
  • Better billing info

Increase User Engagement

We all want new ways to manage our finances or keep track of spending, but sometimes we just quit after you realizing the pain of entering all of our account logins just to see how it works. At Spout we get that, and we've got a new way for developers to engage with their users. Consumers can set up all of their financial accounts with Spout and then share that information with any of our partners in a single click.

  • Instant access to user data
  • One click on boarding process
  • Users fully engaged in seconds